Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Welcome !

Hello and welcome to our brand new Mrs.Pomeranz blog ! 
Here, we aim to keep you up to date with our collections, share beautiful pictures and things which inspire us.

You may be familiar with our previous blog, which sadly doesn't work anymore... (lost the password... old long story !) But it's always good to start afresh once in a while, don't you think ?

Mrs.Pomeranz is all about good quality dresses inspired by vintage shapes and styles. We are really excited to start this blog with our latest range of winter dresses. Some are more wooly-comfy and some are a bit more formal. We also love our new sparkly-shinny dress just in time for the holiday season ! We hope you love it too !


  1. Welcome, darling! So nice to have a new fresh blog to follow, but most of all admire a beautiful new collection of yours seeing the light of day! Once again it's a feast for the eyes, in fact I cannot pick just one favorite, they're all gorgeous and incredibly flattering dresses. But I would wear the 3rd and 4th one in a heartbeat! Congratulations, Dasha ;)

  2. I hope you will have fun with your new blog sweetie !
    I also hope lots of new readers will fall in love with your dresses just like I did a year ago :-)

  3. Dasha, These dresses are absolutely stunning! I love, love, love them. Want them all!